20 Thoughts We Had Watching Wentworth – Season 6 Episode 3: Bleed Out

1. Holy shit, Frankie! You need a freaking blood transfusion, not a cuddle with Gidge.
2. Bridget in teal… let’s just all think about that for a moment…
3. Will is cooked – guess he wasn’t popping Panadol.
4. No one’s gonna believe you, Liz, and you know it.
5. Can someone please explain exactly what the fuck has happened to the Freak before the anticipation KILLS us?

6. We hate to say it, but Sonia kind of has a point. The prison really needs some good PR right now.
7. Oh shit, this sounds like the beginning of a speech from someone who’s about to kick the bucket…
8. If Frankie dies.. we riot!
9. We are not emotionally prepared for this…

10. If Franky can break out of prison, breaking back in will be a piece of cake, right?
11. Tea is probs not going to fix this, Vera!

12. We knew Bridget would never lag.
13. Checkmate, Sonia.

14. These Fight Club scenes are 10x better with a great 80s soundtrack.
15. Winner winner chicken dinner! Kanga-Ruby is a champ.
16. “I can’t bash the women, I just can’t” says the chick who smashed Costa into a fence yesterday.

17. Franky’s a goner for sure…
18. Was Iman seriously dumb enough to take photos of Mike Pennisi after she shot him?
19. Who cares, FRANKY IS FREE!!!
20. A happy ending, on Wentworth? That can’t be right.