20 Thoughts We Had Watching Wentworth – Season 6 Episode 4: Winter is Here

1. Brrrrrrrr it’s getting cold in here, Marie Winter’s in the atmosphere!
2. OK, this chick clearly has some serious anger issues.

3. But at least she knows how to eat humble pie… or is good at pretending?
4. Cat got your tongue Juice… she wishes! #ThePussyWhisperer

5. Liz keeps forgetting shit lately aye?
6. Vera, you’d be INSANE to make any deal with Sonia.

7. Who the f—k doesn’t like chocolate? Marie obviously can’t be trusted!
8. Rita can be our muscle any day!
9. After about a thousand years, we’re finally getting some Allie back story.

10. Vera, you just made a deal with the devil.
11. WTF Ruby, you met Marie 10 seconds ago and she’s already got you wrapped around her finger.
12. Spike might be a derro, but Sonia framing her is stone cold. All for a workshop?
13. Sooooo Liz has clearly lost the plot and now Sonia has taken over as the Chief Lagger?! WTF?
14. We LOVE seeing Rita in full big sister mode!

15. Looks like Ruby isn’t the only one blacking out. Get your shit together, Will!
16. You know you’re screwed when even Jake is disturbed that you buried the Freak alive.
17. Marie definitely has potential to be Top Dog with Rita as her guardian angel.

19. Will and Kaz, we’re rooting for you!
20. Winter is well and truly here and we couldn’t BE more pumped!