20 Thoughts We Had Watching Wentworth – Season 6 Episode 5: Bitter Pill

1. Chin up Vera, you’ve got “good mum” written all over you.
2. Inviting the press into your shitshow of a prison, what could possibly go wrong?

3. New drinking game: drink every time Sonia says “my workshop”.
4. Marie’s already sinking her teeth into some pretty young meat – guess she’s got a type.
5. Don’t underestimate Marie, Roo – that voodoo vajayjay is no joke!

6. You’re not seriously buying this sob story are you, Vera?
7. This is not the smart Liz we know and love!
8. Will, now is NOT the time to take a nap.

9. This has to be a dream, it has to be dream!!
10. Oh shit, is Allie drinking Marie’s Kool-aid?
11. Costa has one hell of a phone case…

12. Smiles did a piss poor job of searching Marie’s stuff… smells like a rat.
13. OK, Allie is 100% under the spell.
14. Sonia, an angel?! Liz REALLY has lost the plot.
15. What. A. Badass. Rita gets better every single week.
16. We just want to give Will a big hug!

17. You sure picked a great baby daddy, Vera.
18. Add Lizzy to our list of “people who need a hug”.
19. PLOT FUCKING TWIST! Rita’s not a bikie, she’s a f—king COP!

20. That better have been a pregnancy vitamin…