20 Thoughts We Had Watching Wentworth – Season 6 Episode 1: Clean Slate

1. A recap, how cute. Like we haven’t binged the entire series five times over since last year’s finale…

2. Rita Connors in that leather bikie jacket has Top Dog written all over her.

3. Onya Vera! If anyone is overdue to have a bit of a win, it’s her.

4. Ruby Mitchell looks like a bit of trouble mixed with shitloads of fun, and she’s DEFINITELY met Rita on the outside before. Sisters? Mother and daughter?

5. “Sugar tits” – officially is our new favourite prison nickname.

6. Franky, stop looking suss AF and the police may just keep on driving right past you…

7. How have we not addressed the Freak yet? We just need to know – dead or alive!

8. Lizzy seems way too chill about everything happening in the prison right now…

9. Can we just relish in Bridget’s sassy police deflection for a minute?

10. “Ferguson’s dead, ok? End of.” – WE WANT DETAILS!

11. Rita using Monte Carlos to establish a connection with Boomer… love this fresh meat already!

12. Ruby either has selective amnesia or something else going on upstairs – how could you not remember knocking out Spike the friendly neighbourhood white supremacist?

13. Rita’s bikie boyfriend looks familiar… where do we know him from?

14. Allie and Ruby – calling it first… totes see a hook up!

15. Sonia better be back in Wentworth soon, because it’s just not the same without her shit-stirring.

16. What the ACTUAL FUCK Kaz…. Not sure what’s worse, the Steam Press or Sewing Machine?!

17. Rita and Ruby are sisters – totes called it! Rita’s a pig though?! DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!

18. Boomer? Poison Sonia? Surely no-one is going to buy this horseshit!

19. I have no idea why, but we think we are kinda feeling bad for Jake… WTF is wrong with us?!

20. Vinegar Tits is up the duff! Shit just got REAL!