20 Thoughts We Had Watching Wentworth – Season 6 Episode 2: The Boxer

1. Ahhh, family bonding sesh at the local boxing gym… at least they aren’t punching each other’s tits in!

2. The baby hormones have properly kicked in – Vera is taking NO-ONE’s bullshit.

3. WTF? Isn’t Kaz supposed to be ANTI-violence against women?

4. Allie’s suss on Rita and Ruby, so surely others can see it too?

5. Literally zero people believe that Booms poisoned Sonia… it’s 100% horse-shit!

6. We would 100% watch a Prison-Break-style spinoff about Franky on the run, sleeping in hidey holes, kicking junkie ass, and trying to clear her name.

7. Sonia gets the slow-mo entrance back to Wentworth she truly deserves.

8. Holy shit! Ruby having a fit in the shower…

9. Jumpy much, Lizzy?

10. Sonia just can’t go five minutes without violently murdering someone, sheesh.

11. We love Vera and Bridget’s super awkward, yet super cute friendship!

12. Jake may say he loves Vera, but he also loves his freedom and won’t go down without a fight!

13. Thank GOD it wasn’t Lizzy who got carved up in the showers! Poor whatshername, though….

14. He did it for you Kaz… for the women!

15. KANGARUBY. That is all.

16. Franky, you literally had one job. Don’t tell people that the reason you look familiar is because you’re a wanted criminal and your face is all over the telly!

17. Aaaaand of course she’s called the coppers.

18. Just fucking stab her Lizzy – save yourself!

19. Sonia is scheming again… you should’ve taken her out when you had the chance Lizzy!

20. Holy Fuck! Please don’t tell us Franky is dead?!