20 Thoughts We Had Watching Wentworth – Season 6 Episode 7: The Edge

1. We bet Sonia has practiced saying “I am not a killer” in the mirror for weeks. She’s got those innocent puppy eyes down pat.

2. Detective Vera is on the case!
3. Can you imagine Sonia and Marie working together? That would be a lethal combo.

4. No surprises to hear that Liz has early onset dementia, poor thing.
5. WTF Vera – Liz needs a hug, not to be shipped off to psych.
6. Things are not looking good for Allie, now that she’s in Sonia’s crosshairs.

7. Just give Sonia her trophy for Champion Pot Stirrer of Wentworth now!
8. There’s no way she can carry on with this “my shit don’t stink” attitude without it coming back to bite her, though…
9. We LIVE for Rita / Ruby scenes – more soon please!
10. What could go wrong with this plan? Whatever happens, either Kaz or Allie will end up royally screwed.

12. It’s definitely interesting that Will sees the Freak in her governor gear rather than in teal, like she was when he buried her.
13. Kaz is straight savage. Steam pressing your best mate’s hand just to give Sonia the middle finger? That is a true Top Dog Moment™.
14. This new nurse might just be the least skanky medical professional Wentworth has ever seen.

15. Will Allie and Ruby ever be more than just adorable flirty friends?
16. Sonia is SO faking this amnesia bullshit. This chick is absolutely overdue for a live burial.

18. Don’t you just hate getting cock-blocked by a hallucination?
19. GIVE UP on this Don thing! IT’S A TRAP!

20. Sonia, you were a sick, twisted, murdering psychopath. And we’ve loved every minute of you!