20 Thoughts We Had Watching Wentworth – Season 6 Episode 8: Lovers and Fighters

1. Why so jumpy, Vinegar Tits?
2. Liz has gone seriously downhill since last episode, poor thing.

3. Punching tits is one things Booms, but Costa’s fight club is a whole different game.
4. Since when is Kaz ok with the women bashing each other?
5. Ruby must be protected at all costs!
6. Kaz’s plans for the Red Right Hand sound more like the Kaz we know and love.

7. The Freak is the obvious candidate for being Vera’s stalker – but is Joan Ferguson really the type to pull prank phone calls?
8. Oh SHIT. A brain anuyerism is serious business.
9. Who knew that Smiles had a heart of gold this whole time?
10. Sugar tits + Mighty mouse 4EVA

11. Jake still has the hots for Vera? Rrretch, we just collectively threw up in our mouths a little bit.
12. WOW Will! That is so out of character.
13. Boomer and Liz’s spat is somehow hilarous and heartbreaking at the same time.
14. One mention of Bea, Franky, and Maxine, and we’re bawling all over again.

16. WTF Rita – you’ve just handed Marie and Drago some deadly ammo against you.
17. That’s a twist we didn’t see coming! With Danny’s blood on her hands, Ruby’s a dead woman walking now.
18. But at least it means more great Rita/Ruby scenes.

19. Liz might be losing her marbles, but luckily she hasn’t lost her sass.
20. We take back everything about the Freak not being Vera’s stalker! Officer needs assistance!!