5 moments from Do Not Send Us Astray

1.  When Maggie’s epic battle plan strategy comes to fruition

Damn this girl has played some serious call of duty. The details…the planning, with the timing and the finesse. Her defence of the Hilltop from the Saviors was a strategic work of art. Maggie needed everything to fall exactly into place and it did. And come on – to start the battle with good ole Daryl charging in on his motorbike gun firing, leading his troops in the fray was epic. Jeepers though, what a battle it was… the darkness, the guns firing, the panic. So good. Maggie’s intentions balanced between defense vs revenge and her internal struggle of regret in the fallout post battle sets her apart from other leaders in TWD history.

2. When Henry goes rogue… and the Savior prisoners escape

OMG Henry! What was he thinking? Clearly he only had revenge on HIS mind and man did it go pear shaped. He should have listened to Carol and Ezekiel – massive I told you so moment for this little man.

3. When the “flesh wounds” sustained at the Battle at the Hilltop start working their voodoo.

The unexpected, friend inflicted walker attacks.  Not to mention the darkness, the noise of the walker gurgle and the OMG whose been bit, was almost like flashbacks to early TWD. I guess it has answered the question of whether walker-blood alone that contains the dark magic of turning… “They didn’t get bit”. All locked in with no place to go. This is a nightmare. A fortified, living, dying nightmare. The ticking of that clocksomeone come and help them. Poor Tobin, just when he was about to make his move. Carol is clearly devastated, her love loss count is out of control.

4. When the penny finally drops and Rick and the crew work out the saviours bastardly plan…

Walker blood straight in a wound seems to work pretty damn fast. Thanks to Rick’s little encounter with Negan they were able to work out pretty quickly (but a little too late) how medieval the Saviors were prepared to get. Their minds must be boggling with the battle, the dead, the wounded and … can you imagine the clean up. Bags not.

5. When Morgan has creepy visions of angry Gavin …

This moment just creates so many questions right? Gavin said two things to Morgan… “You were supposed to…” and “You know what it is….”. Was this in reference to him being supposed to kill Gavin and not Henry or something else altogether? This might all make sense to Morgan? Either way Morgan is back on his own little mind trip – hop aboard if you dare!