5 things that happened in “All that lies ahead” Season 5 Episode 9


  1. Douglas’ son, Matthew arrives in Inverness

Douglas’ son, Matthew arrives and reveals a terrible rift that kept he and his father estranged. Matt is handsome, charming and solicitous of Elizabeth. She invites him to dinner where he regales Elizabeth, Anna and Olivia with surfing stories. He offers to take them all to the beach the next morning.

  1. Someone is poking around Jacks patient files

At the hospital, Jack learns that Sir Richard has directed the hospital board to sift through his patient files and find dirt. Jack is furious.

  1. Regina’s plan to distract Sir Richard is put into play

Regina’s plan to distract Sir Richard while George transfers his mortgages is embraced by George, Carolyn and Sarah. The strategy involves Jack running as an independent.  George proposes the idea to Jack. He dismisses the idea out of hand. Carolyn is furious.

  1. Sarah pays Regina a visit

Sarah visits Regina to ascertain what Regina has planned for her future and to ask her about the signed divorce papers.  Regina dismisses Sarah, reverting to type. Sarah fears that Regina is intending to stay on in Inverness once she has dealt with Sir Richard.

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  1. Elizabeth gives Matt mementos of Douglas

Overcome with emotion Matt, Douglas’ son states his love for his father. He also reveals that he’d like to ask a certain girl out…  Elizabeth is surprised to learn that it is not Anna but Olivia Matt is interested in. Anna is secretly crushed.

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