5 things that happened in “Demons Of The Dark” Season 5 Episode 6

5 that happened in Episode 6 – “Demons Of The Dark”

  1. Sarah suffers a post-traumatic stress episode

George settles Sarah who, after seeing a woman she believes to have been a guard in Ravensbruck in the last episode. Sarah decides she may be mistaken but later awakes from a nightmare and quietly is determined to take action and get answers.

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  1. Douglas asks Jack for an assisted death

Douglas asks Jack for an assisted death which is refused. Jack tells Henry of his conversation and once again they clash over their philosophies regarding euthanasia.

  1. Roy confronts Larry about his involvement in the fire

Roy demands Larry take responsibility for burning down Frank’s shack and helps rebuild it. Larry does so under sufferance but will come to see past the colour of Frank’s skin and learn respect.

  1. Anna meets with Sir Richard

Anna calls Sir Richard, seeking his advice regarding her book contract.  Sir Richard offers to come to her apartment.  Regina warns Anna of what may come from a meet with Sir Richard. When Sir Richard arrives at Anna’s apartment she is cautious, but it is not long until he makes his assault.

  1. Elizabeth breaks down

At Ash Park we find Elizabeth on bent knees in supplication to her God, simultaneously asking for forgiveness, guidance and railing against him for taking her Douglas away.

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