Are you ready for the new season of Shameless?

We all see those posts on forums… “Um so I have finished watching [insert latest show here] and need something new, hit me with your recommendations” and Shameless is usually one of those that makes us think – man, I need to get on the Shameless binge watch already.

But if like us, you haven’t got time to binge watch before tonight’s season return and you want to keep up with the convo’s at work, here is a quick story rundown as told by a die-hard Shameless fan as to where we left the Gallagher’s in Season 7 that will give you enough to hold your own… before you watch tonight!

No point beating around the bush Monica’s dead. It was a brain bleed and they found her on the kitchen floor. But more importantly it isn’t how or why she died but what she left behind. And that is a royal mess, actually a royal meth (lolz) and a lot of it. Mo meth, Mo Problems. RIP Monica!

Last season wrapped up with Frank (William H. Macy) discovering bags of meth in his dearly departed wife’s secret storage room – aka Monica’s inheritance. With a good proportion of Frank’s part of Monica’s inheritance going up in smoke… literally, (Nama-fucking-ste!) Frank emerges out of a drug-induced haze and decides it’s finally time to be a contributing member of society. I know, WTF right?

Flip it Fiona (Emmy Rossum) fresh off the success of selling the laundromat has moved into the role of Land Lady of the apartment building she purchased. The glue that holds the family together, is taking Monica’s death in her stoic stride, refusing to benefit from Monica’s f–ked up form of inheritance and focusing on a new Fiona Gallagher. One who is over meaningless sex and bad relationships… Come on Fiona, really?!

Similar to Frank, Lip (Jeremy Allen White) is on an about turn journey, however he actually sought rehab and sponsors.  Back living at home, sincerely trying to get sober after getting kicked out of college we are all rooting for Lip – but will he be able to keep his shit together or are the Gallagher genes just too strong?

Ian (Cameron Monaghan) is still working as an EMT however struggling with the grieve of the loss of his mother more than his siblings. He’s also pretty, in a kinda desperate yet adorable way, trying to win back Trevor (Elliot Fletcher) after his MIA action last season with Mickey (Noel Fisher).

We left Debbie (Emma Kenney) in a plight to reinvent herself as a Mum to Franny and welding student. Yes, of all the occupations in the world, Deb’s choose welding. Debbie is seemingly nailing the student and single mother act even finding some time to socialize with her new school mates… If it all seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Military school has straightened Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) out so what better way to keep him focused than task him with the responsibility of selling Monica’s inheritance meth, right?! So, is he in or is he out?

The youngest Gallagher is growing up fast. Settling into his new school, Liam (Christian Isaiah) learns just how different his family are from pretty much every single other family of his rich-ass classmates.

Annnnnnd let’s not forget the honorary members of the Gallagher family and our all-time favourite couple, Kev (Steve Howey) and Veronica (Shanola Hampton). Last season Kev and V were conned into signing over ownership of their bar, The Alibi Room, to their ‘thrupple’ wife, Svetlana (Isidora Goresther) forcing V into working at the Diner with Fiona and Kev to strip and serve drinks amongst other things at a gay bar.

We feel like we unloaded A LOT of baggage last season ending with Fiona tucking her two bags of Meth in Monica’s casket not before yelling “F–k you, Mom” and punching her dead body a few times. So, I am hopeful Season 8 is going to be full of new beginning for our favourite f–ked up family with lots of laughs, f—k no’s and tears along the way.

And if the Showtime trailer with the whole lot of them giving audiences the big FU middle finger is anything to go by, I am confidently happy that the Gallagher’s will be breaking rules and calling chaos from the minute Season 8 starts. Bring it on.

Shameless, Season 8, Tuesday 8.30pm, only on showcase

Recap Season 7 below: 

Written by Cate Murray and Kellie Brown