Burning Love

Burning Love

No time, only two episodes left, let’s get straight into it. We start immediately where we last saw Jane. Jane is sitting in her car in dark with only the blue and red flashes lighting her face. She has just pulled over by the police after speeding down the freeway from her rage trip, I mean road trip to see if the person they found online is the Saxon Baker, the Saxon Baker who raped her and left her pregnant six years ago.

But… it wasn’t. She stands on the water’s with Madeline, the waves are crashing, Jane has realised that there may be more out there like her. That Saxon Baker is out there possibly raping other woman. Madeline feels responsible for bringing this all up again for Jane and making her confront her rapist. Madeline wants Jane to focus on her future… Yep, that’s not going to happen as long as Jane is locked and loaded and carrying a weapon. She needs closure.

Celeste is out on her balcony, in the dark in front of an open fire with the noises of the waves resonating around her. I think she is reading. Perry comes up behind his wife and places his hands on her shoulders “you’re going to kill me”…. Ugh why what now? Celeste doesn’t move accept to lift her head ever so slightly and simply stare off into the distance. I think she is waiting… waiting to see what Perry will do next. Perry has to go out of town the same night that Madeline’s erotic puppet play premieres “for business” and he wants her to go with him. Celeste wants to stay for the play, stay for Madeline. Perry doesn’t want Celeste to go to the premiere.


It is the way he says it, the tone is just threatening enough to say she is treading dangerously close to making him angry. He tries to make it about time together as a couple, but really it is about making decisions for her.  He says “I am trying to be romantic”, yep there is nothing more romantic than having hands dangerously close to being wrapped around her neck as he is saying it. They are possessive hands, not romantic hands.

Nathan and Bonnie are still planning their playing nice dinner with Madeline and Ed. Nothing quite like breaking bread between ex’s and their new partners. For what it is worth, Bonnie is so not the regular Monterey housewife or mum. Instead of being out in the dark in front of a fire drinking wine, she is gardening in the dark? Maybe she would have been a better match up for Jane. A calmer influence at least.

Speaking of influencers, Madeline debriefs with Celeste about the role she is playing in Jane’s life. Madeline feels like she “opened up a giant can of violent worms”. When Celeste suggests that she will speak to her Madeline is quick to suggest that there Celeste couldn’t help her either as her life is too together, what could she possible offer in understanding. “My life is not perfect bad things have happened to me.” I actually don’t think Madeline is being unkind. I think she honestly believes that there is anything wrong with Celeste’s life. Celeste has done such a good job of hiding, covering pretending, that even her closest friend can’t tell that her life is fractured.

One thing I love about this series is the subtleties, these little moments that are like puzzle pieces putting things together for us. There is this little scene with Madeline and Jane… and the coffee guy. It is so so quick. Jane just lingers a little too long looking at the coffee guy (Tom?) and gives him a wave and he gives her a wave and Madeline pulls a what did I just see face. It makes me smile.


Things for Jane can never go smoothly, there is a petition going around the school, by the parents, trying to get Ziggy kicked out of the school. A six year old! It is a bullying tactic by the parents and to add to it, the parents have also told their kids to not play with Ziggy. What a pack of nasty woman. No wonder Jane goes off,  she storms out of the school meeting straight into the power couple themselves, Renata and her husband. Jane is fired up and she is angry and she uses her “big girl voice” and stands up to her bully.  Renata is not easily intimidated and when Jane pushes her Renata screams out in pain, falls to the ground clutching her eye. And it is right there that you can see how quickly a situation can escalate. Tick Tick Tick!


Madeline appears dubious about the whole incident, dubious with almost a little amusement laced with annoyance that Renata is causing so much drama. She adds support to Ziggy not being the bully by saying how popular Chloe says he and how even Amabella plays with him. This is about the parents, they are all using their kids as an excuse. An excuse to say what you want to say, an excuse to stay in a bad marriage, an excuse to be a bully, an excuse to run away from it all, an excuse to defend them at all costs.

Celeste sits on the Therapist’s couch again. She sounds desperate, clinging to hope. Clinging to a glimmer that she could day or do something to make her marriage ok. I feel like she wants the therapist to say, I can help you, but instead she says “When are you going to leave him Celeste… he is going to hit you again”. It is the truth straight to her face. When her bruises fade so does his guilt and he wants the power back. The therapist starts her a plan for a life away from Perry. She says this is to take away the question “where will I go?” when he hits her again. The therapist is thinking two steps ahead, Celeste is not there yet. I had a girlfriend once go through something similar and she is right … the where would I go is ultimately the why I have to stay. When she ask Celeste’s why she has not told anyone else about this she answers “Perhaps my worth is made up of how other people see me….” Far out. I mean that is true for a lot of us. We don’t let our guard down, our veneer, our true self because firstly we want to believe the veneer is true and secondly if people really knew what lay beneath, would they still like us?

Jane goes to see Renata, to apologise, to reach out. Two mothers both are trying to protect their children, being the voice for the victims. Renata with her patch over her eye sighs deeply, I think she is exhausted by it all, “My daughter’s the one getting hurt and I can’t stop it.”. Jane tells her about the child psychologist and asks her is Amabella has actually said Ziggy is the bully. She hasn’t.  I think Renata believes Jane, it is not Ziggy. They kind of make up or at least come to a mutual place of understanding. First sign of maturity between the parents ever I think. Here’s that glimmer of hope again…

It is the opening night of the play, you know Madeline’s erotic puppet play that she has been fighting for with ex-fling director/stalker Joseph.  Everyone is getting glammed up and ready to have a child free night out. Perry has managed to make it back for the play – wow what a wonderful husband. He sidles up to Celeste as she is getting ready and he makes his move on her, to distract her or make her late or something. She is squirming out of his way but responding to his touch all at the same time. He gets more persistent more … forceful? She tries to walk away and he grabs her hair and pulls her back. She grabs a tennis racket (randomly placed in the wardrobe) and smacks at him. He drops to the ground with a thump clutching at his genitals.

Madeline and Jane are watching the musical puppets, with an empty seat beside them wondering why Celeste has missed the play. Joseph’s wife confronts Madeline back stage with people all around – “Was it you? She knows he had an affair and she wants to know if it was with Madeline. Madeline’s face, her big lie smacking her right in the face.

Two words – Broken Urethra! So the official line is that Perry and Celeste were engaging in some sort of kinky love fest and his urethra got broken… in two places!  Madeline thinks Ed sounds envious of his injury, ok so he wouldn’t like the above injury but the wildness, the passion. He sees Madeline as a passionate woman… except when she is in bed with him. Ouch! The essence of a happy marriage is the ability to pretend… wow that is messed up and cuts to Madeline’s core. She would have to know that her infidelity is a massive part of Ed’s mindset. He knows something is missing in their marriage. I don’t think a couple need kitchen bench sex to be considered happy, but they need to connect and if the connection is being shared someplace else… then… Madeline apologises to Ed for being a bad wife but I think she is trying to apologise for a whole lot more.


Abigail’s special project has been discovered, to raise awareness about sex trafficking she is it is selling her virginity on the internet. Nathan goes, understandably so, mental. He swears, he screams, he grabs at her computer, they has a physical tussle over the computer until Skye screams and cries “Stop it!”. Now Nathan is going to have to tell Madeline and we all know that is not going to go down well. Cue dinner party from hell.

Perry limps back into the house, he turns to her an venomously says “You are lucky I didn’t kill you”… It’s time Celeste… start that plan. The next time we see Celeste she is being walked through a small two bed two bathroom unit in South Monterey. I think Celeste is finding her big girl voice.


Jane and Renata meet in the front of the school at drop off I think. Renata is suggesting a playdate. It seems like they have not only found truce but might actually be becoming allies? There is nothing better than a shutdown, drop mic moment and this one was perfectly timed and perfectly scripted. Harper (Renata’s bestie) comes over to check on the pair and says “We just want out children to be safe” and over her shoulder as she walks away to get in her car Jane says “It takes a village, gotta have each other’s backs… who’s got yours” – slam car door, drive away. Go Jane!

Ok it is time for the dinner party we have all been waiting for, except the guests themselves. Madeline’s has popped a little something something and is being a bit too nice and very complimentary. And the secret project comes out… and… Madeline vomits. Literally vomits everywhere. All over the oysters…



Madeline confronts Abigail and ultimately her line is no matter what her good community minded spirit is, she is not for sale! Abigail goes on again about the pressure from Abigail to be perfect, to be something, to do something right.  There it is again, that word. PERFECT. “I am not fucking perfect” and … she tells Abigail the truth! She tells Abigail that she cheated on Ed. she almost breathes it out rather than says it, like she has been holding her breath ever since. But now it is time, massive risk, but she uses her imperfection to show her daughter that life is about fixing mistakes and about trying to not make them in the first place.

And next week it all comes to a close. I feel like so much is still unresolved. The biggest, the most obviously… who gets killed and who dunnit?