When Push Comes To Shove

When Push Comes To Shove

“Ooooh ooooh did you ever want it” there goes that theme song and by episode four it is becoming a hum along tune as I get excited for the next episode. Last week was a really big reveal and I am getting more and more caught up in the murder and who and what and why.

A week has gone by, Abigail has moved out of her mother’s home and WOW seems Nathan has lost his filter.  Madeline is as passive aggressive ball breaker as ever but Nathan does not take it. He manages to fit at least seven F#&$’s in about 30 seconds. Clearly he must not have been doing Zen yoga. He is actually being a bit of an arse, a bit thoughtless and definitely antagonistic. I feel like he might want her to fight with him or he is daring her to fight with him so he can go postal. I think maybe Bonnie is too passive and he needs to bait feisty Madeline to get his frustrations out? Just a theory.

It is so interesting getting into the psyche of Perry or trying to. I don’t… no I can’t understand him and what makes him tick. I guess I am not supposed to, but how does someone ever think that the love of their life WANTS to be hit? I am starting to wonder if the kids know. Everything seems to happen at night, when they are in bed. Every time the kids are around he is picture perfect, they are picture perfect. Celeste has been so trapped in this life, the life that she wanted… no red soled Louboutins are worth that and see is starting to see this, it is not even starting to see, she has jumped straight into screaming “I want more!”.  It is like putting on her old pre-family work clothes has awoken something in her.  Perry talks about how they desperately wanted a child and how they didn’t fall easily and alludes to some kind of depression. I wonder whether she felt so much pressure to be happy in this life that she craved so much that she felt guilty all this time for admitting it was not enough for her. But as the episode progressed you can clearly see her drifting away, no drifting to being more than the wife, more than the mum. We get to see lawyer Celeste in action defending the play and the literally “fucking puppets”. She is as Madeline says “Fucking brilliant” and it really does resonate with me. She is finding her happiness in so many things, not just Perry and that, that must be driving him mental. It’s no wonder he wants another baby with her. It is his way of controlling, dominating, making her dependent on him again.


This evolution of Celeste is also being mirrored in Jane. Last week they were both victims, both in the midst of their own personal hell. Jane says “I wanted to pretend it was nothing, but it came to mean everything “. By telling Madeline about being raped, Jane is like a new person; she is smiling more and being more active with Ziggy. She is looking brighter, her hair is out for start and it’s glossy and think. Jane is so much more chatty, she sounds… healthy or healthier.  It reiterates for me two things, one that “the truth will set you free” but also the power of friendship and friend therapy. I love a good deep friendship between women. When you get some really compatible woman together they are so strong and they make each other stronger. The trio have come full circle though. Jane and Celeste seem to be becoming empowered as Madeline starts to spiral out of control.

Finally we catch up with the kids in the classroom. The teacher takes Amabella aside to check in on how she has been going after she notices that she has be behaving a bit off that day. We get the impression she still thinks something is going on. The next thing we know, she is having a private catch up with Jane at some bar. The teacher (without evidence) thinks Amabella being bullied and her “take” is that Ziggy may be responsible. Now I am not sure if I like how she is handling this (the teacher) and whether if in the same position, I would appreciate the honesty and the chance to deal with it privately. Anyway, Jane gets angry and defensive then the teacher (what is her name?) asks whether Jane has a reason to suspect that Ziggy could be violent! Of course I immediately think about the rape and how this is where Ziggy came from, this is Jane’s fear isn’t it…. That he has inherited this trait or that she has raised what she fears the most.

Madeline… did you see it coming? I didn’t… I mean I did just before it happened but if I am honest, I thought about it last ep, but thought it was one sided… ok I am getting ahead of myself, this is meant to be a recap not a de brief. So, this week’s jaw dropping reveal lies in Madeline’s bed. It turns out the stalker who has been watching the women, he was actually following Madeline and the ‘he’ is the director from the play that she volunteers for and the reason he is following her… well what a complicated web she has woven.  I think back to the moment on the sand dunes when she was arguing with her husband Ed and he says “I am not your one”. He thought that the ex-husband was Madeline’s “one” and that is where her heart was, but maybe not. She plays it down as she and Celeste process her shenanigans over wine and initially we think that this one kiss, this minor indulgence, Madeline’s “little lie” but oh no this is a “big little lie”, this moment appears to have been moments and these moments have been going on for some time.


Jane takes Ziggy to see a therapist and interestingly the therapist thinks Ziggy is not a bully at all. She thinks Ziggy is a victim… A victim, just like Amabella, a victim just like his mum. So who is the bully then, or bullies? And how are they getting away with it? I do know that Jane is going to be angry now… and on a mission. Speaking of victims, there are a couple of little scenes that when we are trying to work out who is the ultimate victim… who dies at the end of all this and who is the murderer?

Nathan (Madeline’s ex) is getting more and more anxious and edgy and it is not just the way he blows up at Madeline at the beginning. Bonnie, the new wife at one point says to him “you need to relax, you don’t want anyone getting hurt do you?”. We also have Joseph (the play director) going all possessive and stalkery.  Madeline’s current husband Ed goes at bit stalkery too when he drops in on Bonnie at yoga and comments on her sweatiness? Ok inappropriate, but is there more to him? He is all caring husband but so is Perry and we know what happens with him when he thinks no one is looking! It is pretty screwed up that he can’t see that it is not alright. I can’t even see that he feels any shame. Clearly it hasn’t just recently escalated; it has been like this for a long time. You have to wonder what that does to a person, to a marriage and if there is ever a hope of coming back from that.

Thanks to and effective Google searching Madeline has found “Saxon Baker” aka Jane’s rapist. She has found his picture, where he lives, everything. The three women sit in their favourite coffee shop by the water and digest this new information together. Together, this trio of Madeline, Celeste and Jane, their friendships are growing stronger and cementing closer together and all the other relationships are becoming more tangled and complicated. You can see. But they are still not being completely open, vulnerable with each other. Or maybe they are not even being honest with themselves. As Jane flashes back imagining herself shooting her attacker. When push comes to shove… something breaks, right? All to the appropriately song by Martha “ Mother Fucking Asshole”.