You Get What You Need

You Get What You Need

Well we are here. The end. The answers… we hope.  I can’t talk about the end until I go back to the beginning.

It’s chilling, the sounds this episode begins with, the sounds of Perry beating the shit out of Celeste. It is guttural. It is violent. It is heartbreaking.  Her twin boys are ready to go to school while their father beats their mother. Celeste lays quivering and shaking on the bathroom floor. She is shaking her head “No” as she lies there. He puts a hand gingerly on her head. Lovingly, in his sick mind. He is out of control. I mean he was always out of control but his out of control is out of control. For me, he is suspect numero uno. He has blood on his hands.

That said, Madeline web of lies is unraveling and the big lie, the big affair is becoming known by more people. This time it is Tori, Joseph’s cheated on wife. She is now stalking Madeline’s house. Madeline confronts Joseph, he has changed from being all needy and I want you back, to angry and the defiant and almost threatening. Like his life has spiraled out of control so it is only fair if so is hers. I think Madeline is going to finally tell Ed about her affair. I think she almost needs to, to find herself again. She has got lost in all the lies she has built for herself and it is eating her up. #notperfectanymore

Celeste goes straight from the bathroom floor to her therapist. “Oh God” indeed. She is broken. She is ready to leave. She just has to get through one more night being his perfect wife with their perfect life.

Ziggy comes clean about who has been hurting Amabella. Ziggy has been her real friend this whole time and he has been taking the blame for the bullying… he points out Max in a school photo. Of course, he has seen his mother dominated and bullied his whole life does he know better. Does he really know how to treat people? What is Jane going to do? She has to tell Celeste doesn’t she, but how do you start that conversation.


Jane discusses her options with Madeline, Gordon Klein, Renata’s husband approaches them at the coffee shop and threatens a restraining order on Jane for attacking Renata at the school (eye gouge). Tom the hero coffee guy leaps in and asks him to leave. What is it with the men in this town, some testosterone in the coffee Tom is serving? Turns out Tom has been trying to impress Jane for sometime… nawh something nice for a change.

Celeste has set up her escape apartment. The fridge is stocked, beds made, she is ready to leave. The flashbacks of the mornings beatings makes me sick. He has no restraint. This poor woman, I am worried that she is still going to stay with him. God I hope she leaves, I hope she chooses imperfection. Jane meets Celeste on the beach and tells her what Ziggy confessed to her. She comes straight out and says it is her son Max. It is so brave of Jane to go straight to her. Jane did think that it may have been Ziggy because of the violence in his DNA, considering who his dad is. Celeste’s eyes slightly narrow. She is thinking of Perry, how violence is also in his DNA and that could be the same for her sons regardless of whether they have never seen how their father treats their mother. They see. They see.  Celeste immediately goes and talks to Max. He Cries. It was him. She cries and hugs and forgives. She can still change him, help him.


All the couples are getting ready for the trivia gala. It is an Audrey Hepburn and Elvis Preseley theme LOL great idea. Celeste is in the shower; Perry comes in and watched her. Not punching her in the stomach this time, this time he only wants a kiss. I want her to vomit in his mouth. The community centre is all glammed up with tiki torches, music and a red carpet. There are Elvis’s and Audrey’s everywhere.  Madeline has gone as Holly Golightly in a scantily clad white dinner shirt. I remember Holly was complicated and confused young woman trying to find her place in the world. Madeline walks through the gala a little awkwardly. It is like she doesn’t have her confidence tonight. I think she thinks people are looking at her, shaming her almost. I am getting to the point now where I think it is everyone who is going to die. And I know who I want it to be, but I am afraid it is not going to be them.

Celeste walks down the stairs looking all fabulous and perfect.


Perry looks at her, no reaction and calmly says… your property manager called… oh crap Perry knows. He calmly, rationally escorts her out of the house. Oh crap he is going to kill her. Don’t get in the car with him… Celeste is in the car ride from hell. But Perry is talking all quietly and pleadingly.  “It’s too late, It’s all too late”. He begs her to think of their children. He locks her in. He tries to take back the control and quotes their marriage vows. “It is not a way a man should treat a woman”. Celeste finally has that big girl voice. He is getting desperate and Celeste realises that she stayed too long. She gets out of the car.

Bonnie sings “Don’t…. Don’t” She is really good. “That’s what you say”… Everyone is celebrating and jovial. Not Madeline…


Tom and Jane arrive together. Jane is smiling and looking gorgeous, all Audrey.  After Bonnie it is Ed’s turn to perform, the crowd is in semi darkenss now and it is hard to see clearly. There are lots of head turns and looks. Joseph is there with his wife and they keep looking at Madeline and Ed keeps looking at them. When Ed performs it is like he is signing it to Madeline” The wonder of you”. They look into each other’s eyes but it is all too much for Madeline, her guilt, her big little, it’s all too much and she runs off in tears with Jane giving chase. Joseph also chooses that moment to skulk off to the bathroom. Bad timing Joseph stay away, please stay away.

Celeste races from the car into the crowd to escape Perry. She looks for her girls… for her support but they are off somewhere in the darkness with Madeline confessing her sins. You’re not perfect, welcome to the club”. She wants to confess to Ed, but I don’t think she should tonight. He is on edge and drinking. There is so much going in the darkness. There is tension so thick…Nathan and Ed, Joseph, Tori and Perry, Perry who is downing the drinks and looking for his prey. Celeste stumbles into Renata and apologises for Max. Renata heads off to find Jane to also apologise and she finds Madeline and Jane on the stairwell, Celeste should have gone with her but she goes in a different direction followed by Perry off into the darkness. Bonnie follows.


Celeste finally finds Madeline, Jane and Renata on the stairwell, but before she can update her girls Perry walks up behind her and begs her to come home. Bonnie watches quietly from above. The girls are trying to work out what is going on and why Celeste does not want to leave with her husband.  Renata asks for a minute… Perry gains a little confidence. Jane is frozen. Madeline is silent. Renata is in the middle between them and Perry as Celeste repeats “No! I am not coming home with you!”.

Jane stays frozen, Madeline looks up at her and suddenly we are back with Jane running down the beach the night of her rape, she is running after that man, that man that raped her… Holy… oh … It’s Perry. Perry is Ziggy’s father. Perry raped Jane.  The girls all look between each other as the realisation is made. No words…. They know, they know who he is.


The red and blue police lights flash. Celeste is bloody and with a split lip. There is no a sound but breathing. The women are being interrogated one by one. They are all safe. This has all happened so fast.

Perry’s body. It’s Perry… lying there at the bottom of the stairwell. Dead.

The police are trying to work out what happened. We are trying to work out what happened.

It wasn’t an accident.

I am relieved. It had to be him. Celeste’s husband, Max and Josh and Ziggy’s dad. Jane’s rapist, Celeste’s nightmare.

They have to call it self-defence, but no one is talking.

Finally it is sunny in Monterey, all woman are at the beach together. It is light and bright, the grey fog has lifted. These women who stood together now played together.

It was Bonnie, placid Zen Bonnie. She ran in when she saw Perry snap. He went for Celeste. He did not hold back. He hit and kicked and punches at his wife as she lay helpless on the ground. Renata grabbed at him, Jane pushed at him, Madeline shoved and yelled at him to protect her. Bonnie pushed him and he fell.

All the woman fought together, they lied together, they stuck together and they survived.

You can’t always get what you want… but you get what you need.

Breathe out. Ok phew. Phew that it is Perry. But now what? What about Madeline… does she tell Ed, what does this mean for them. Oh and Bonnie, how does she recover from this. Does Jane and Celeste now raise all the brothers together? Does it work with Tom…

Perry was such a big part of this story, but so little. The lives of this woman are still on a precipice and I want to know what lies ahead for them.