Boomer Jenkins

Boomer Jenkins

Play by Katrina Milosevic

Inmate number: 383497
Charge: Intentionally causing serious injury and possession of drugs while incarcerated
Sentence: 12 years
Served: 5.5 years

Having moved around a lot as a kid, Boomer never stayed in one place long enough to learn a great deal, and her size made her the target for bullies. Boomer may not have an education, but she does have a natural wit and laconic sense of humour, which endears her to inmates and officers alike.

Despite her ferocious temper, a softer side of Boomer has emerged over the past four series, never more evident than when she discovered her friend – a transgender inmate, Maxine Conway – had breast cancer.

Easily influenced, Sonia takes Boomer under her wing to run the workshop and is oblivious to Sonia’s ulterior motives – or is she?