These are the biggest shows coming to your screen in October including Fighting Season, Mr Inbetween, The Walking Dead S9, Trust and My Dinner with Hervé.


Fighting Season

Fighting Season

A platoon of soldiers returns from Afghanistan after a controversial mission, one marred by bitter mistakes and cover-ups. Fighting Season is the story of these men, the unfolding mystery of what really happened, and the impact keeping this secret has on them and their families. It’s about an Army culture of stoic self-sacrifice that can corrode even the strongest marriage. About the politics of war and the bonds of mateship forged in a war-zone, of experiences so intense that those “back home” in the civilian world can’t understand. And about a secret these men will do anything to keep.

Stars George Pullar, Marco Alosio, Sarah Armanious, Julian Maroun, Jay Ryan, Sabryna Walters and Ewen Leslie.

Fighting Season premieres Sunday October 28 at 8.30pm AEDT + On Demand

Mr Inbetween

Mr Inbetween

Charismatic, yet volatile hitman Ray Shoesmith must navigate his chilling business while also maintaining friendships, parental responsibilities and a fledgling romance in a narrative driven by dark humour and offbeat conversation.

Stars Scott Ryan, Damon Herriman, Justin Rosniak and Brooke Satchwell.

Mr Inbetween premieres Sunday October 1 at 8.30pm AEDT + On Demand

The Walking Dead – Season 9

The Walking Dead

Last season brought the culmination of “All Out War,” which pitted Rick Grimes and his group of survivors against the Saviours and their cunning leader, Negan. Now, we see our survivors a year and a half after the end of the war, rebuilding civilization under Rick’s steadfast leadership.

Stars Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, Alanna Masterson and Josh McDermitt.

The Walking Dead – Season 9 premieres Monday October 8 at 1.30pm AEDT + On Demand



Inspired by actual events, Trust delves into the trials and triumphs of one of America’s wealthiest and unhappiest families, the Gettys. Equal parts family history, dynastic saga and an examination of the corrosive power of money, the series explores the complexities at the heart of every family, rich or poor. Stars Donald Sutherland, Hilary Swank and Brendan Fraser.

Trust premieres Sunday October 7 at 9.30pm AEDT + On Demand

HBO Film: My Dinner with Hervé

My Dinner with Herve

Inspired by a real story, My Dinner With Hervé explores the unlikely friendship between struggling journalist Danny Tate and French actor Hervé Villechaize, as it unfolds over one wild night in LA – an encounter that will have life-changing consequences for both. Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize was a French-born actor and painter who achieved worldwide recognition for various roles including that of the evil henchman Nick Nack in the James Bond film, The Man with the Golden Gun, as well as Mr Roarke’s assistant, Tattoo, on the television series Fantasy Island.

Stars Peter Dinklage, Jamie Dornan, Andy Garcia, Oona Chaplin, Mireille Enos, Helena Matteson, Harriet Walter, Adam Shapiro.

My Dinner with Hervé premieres Friday October 26 at 8.30pm AEDT + On Demand


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