10 Thoughts From 5 Thrones Fans EP7 Finale

10 Thoughts From 5 Thrones Fans EP7 Finale

We asked 5 of Foxtel’s biggest Game Of Thrones fans to list their ten most stand out thoughts while watching episode 7, ‘The Dragon & The Wolf’. Here’s what our fans had to say.

Cate (35yrs old)

  1. Nothing like starting a season final with an over of the current state of play or players, Jaime and Bronne style… in four words … Battle of the Cocks.
  2. Speaking of cocks… why would The Hound just leave the Wight box in the hands of the enemy that just seems dumb.
  3. The walk to the arena took FOREVER… they need tips from Gendry on how to move faster and then the meeting in the Dragon Arena is like anxiety overload. The tangled web of eye contact is out of control. Glance between of old friends, sneers between enemies.
  4. Loved Hound and Brienne reunion… Poor Tormund, The Hound is totally going to cut his grass.
  5. Deanery’s arrival is epic… beat that Gaga!! Love seeing the smug look wiped off Cersei’s face. But, this is all happening very… um easily. Gregor calling out the Mountain and then stepping back… Euron, packing up his bat and ball and going home, Cersei agreeing to a truce… what the? Is this Game of Thrones or Game of Compromise and sensible decisions? Oh ok so truce is off… Nope it is back on again… Nice one Tyrion… saves the day. Is it bad that I am sceptical? Maybe she is now organising the same alliance with the King of the Dead?
  6. I can’t… this Sansa / Ayra thing… man, talk about walking on egg shells! LOVED the ultimate #teamstark moment, it was calm and patient and timed to perfection. Well played… well played… Not only did you call out Littlefinger on EVERYTHING but … you made him cry! Put a fork in him, he’s done.
  7. Yep… of course Cersei played them all. OMG she is going to kill Jaime! Are you, no (hand over mouth)…
  8. So Bran sees all and Samwell reads all… together they are the total “Yoda” package of Narrator and tying up loose ends or at least explaining the loose ends. Nice one.
  9. If the boats a rocking… actually stop… it’s kind of icky now. Thanks incest story-arc … you have robbed us of enjoying a regal #GOT romp session.
  10. And then… the wall comes down. HOLY Mother of Dragons. L does the annihilation of Eastwatch mean we have lost Tormund and Beric… oh God and Gendry? This is a understated and overwhelming death count… But if we don’t see them go then they aren’t dead… right? Or will next time we see them, will they be part of the blue eyed Death squad?
  1. …and the wait begins.

Laura (28yrs old)

  1. In the opening sequence, we pan up the Wall, but when we get to Eastwatch we pan back down…. I feel that’s a bad omen for what’s to come.  (I was right….)
  2. The Dothraki are the complete opposite of the Unsullied. And yet both bow down to Dany. She can bring two armies together who would never been brought together before. Hopefully that means she can bring the Seven Kingdoms together too.
  3. The Hound and Brienne talking together is amazing. The Hound cares about Arya! And they just smiled at each other. Oh god I’m dying. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
  4. When the wight attacked Cersei, Jaime hesitated…. He only stood up once the wight had been pulled back. Did he hesitate from fear, or has he lost his protective instinct over his sister.
  5. Everything we’ve believed is a LIE!!!  Dany and Jon are going to have a baby. A dragon and a wolf baby!!!! And then that baby will be the heir to the throne…..!
  6. This is all going too well and I don’t believe it. God I hope it’s not another Red Wedding…..You’ve burned me too many times Game of Thrones….
  7. Is Baylish’s game better or worse than the game of faces…..? Probably worse. Because he is the worst. Surely Sansa realises in this moment, that if Ayra’s motive is to become the Lady of Winterfell, then it must not be true. Arya never wanted to be the Lady of Winterfell…
  8. If Theon can be a Greyjoy and a Stark, Jon can be a Stark and a Targaryen.
  9. Sansa and Bran, sitting at the top bench. Surely Sansa won’t turn against her. Bran better jump in. FINALLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY. Sansa is being the Lady we knew she was. And Bran finally jumps in with something useful. Arya being ruthless. GO STARK CHILDREN. TAKE YOUR REVENGE. TAKE IT!
  10. Cersei’s face. Why she is smiling. Oh no. She has an evil plan. WHAT JUST HAPPENED? You deserve better Jaime!

10 + 1.   Bran holding the scroll out to Sam, to explain how he knew is classic Game of Thrones humour. Sam and Bran, together, finding out the truth, oh my god. They were married. Jon is the true heir. Oh my god. His name is Aegon Targaryen. And now they’re getting it on. But he is the true heir. And Tyrion walks away sadly…. Maybe because he loves Dany too.

10 + 2.   What is Bran seeing. Oh no. Oh no. Can’t we just have a happy finale ending for once…?

Charlotte (21yrs old)

  1. I don’t think I have heard the word c**k so much in one conversation before…
  2. Isn’t Jon hot in all that fur…doesn’t he know that he is not in the North anymore…all I can imagine is the scene in Sex and the City and the women throwing red paint at Jon and saying fur is murder!!
  3. Cersei: “Kill the silver headed b***h” ummm excuse me Dany’s hair is blonde not silver and Dany is beautiful.
  4. I seriously love the Hound. He just doesn’t give one sh*t.
  5. Dany always knows how to make a grand entrance…like look at me and my scary big dragons.
  6. I hope something is in the box…or they will all look like idiots…OH WAIT…THAT WAS AMAZING…. The orange short haired b***h should be scared and they should’ve just let it kill Cersei and all would be good in the world.
  7. They could make a horror movie just about The Mountain and when is he going to take off his helmet?! IM SO CURIOUS
  8. When Jon stays loyal to Dany… Jon + Dany= 4ever
  9. BIGGEST PLOT TWIST EVER! SISTERS UNITE! Bye bye lord Baelish! I’m so happy he is gone. That was so epic.
  10. I can’t wait to see Jon’s reaction when Brandon tells him the news…and there goes the wall… that was wayyyy too easy… it only took them like .1 second to destroy the wall.

Hannah (24yrs old)

  1. Where is Daenerys?  Will she fly in on her dragon?…. YES! Hello mother of dragons. Way to make an entrance.
  2. This is going too smoothly…. I don’t trust Cersei… what is happening….. Ahhhh there it is.
  3. Girl Power!! The Stark sisters are too smart for little finger. I knew Araya was plotting something. Couldn’t be happier to see him out of the picture.
  4. If Tyrion dies, I’m out.
  5. I actually thought Cersei was being genuine for once.
  6. What on earth are you doing Cersei! You can’t kill your baby daddy and brother!….. That was intense.
  7. Jon and Daenerys.. #Jonaerys!!! <3 <3 <3 I have no words.
  8. Jon Snow is everything!
  9. What is that dragon breathing?… what an end!
  10. It’s going to be a long year and a half until Season 8!

Tom (26yrs old)

  1. That gif of Steve Carell saying “oh god it’s happening, everyone stay calm, everyone stay f***ing calm!!!” is me during the intro sequence…
  2. Now that’s how you enter a meeting Dany…#intimidation #justburnthemallandbedonewithit
  3. The tension in this pit is next level!!! They definitely should’ve accidentally on purpose given the chain a couple extra metres. 10/10 presentation pitch by Jon and the gang though, engaging and interactive.
  4. and that was nearly the end of Tyrion!
  5. A TRUCE?! Yeh right….
  6.  Loving that time travel…11:46am: Dany & her crew at Kings Landing, 11:51am: Back at Dragonstone!
  7.  For a man with no ballz…Theon just put up a very very ballsy fight..
  8. At least Bran is finally doing something useful with his powers instead of just sitting there like a vegetable…Arya finishes off Lord Baelish in true Arya style yewwww!
  9. TOLD YA – Cersei reveals her master plan to Jaime. Cersei: “No one walks away from me” Jaime: “Catchyazzzzz”.
  10. Hahaha and the wall that was supposed to defend the entire world from the White Walkers goes down in literally 2 seconds. Wtf is that Ice Dragon breathing anyway? Just really hot fire? Blue fire? Blue ice fire? explosive blue ice stuff? Blue lightning explosive stuff? magical fire ice? ….lucky we’ve only got 2 years to try and figure it all out!!!