Dazzling new show ‘Pose’ from Ryan Murphy premieres Sep 11

The groundbreaking series from co-creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Steven Canals begins Tuesday, September 11 at 8.30pm AEST. Also available on On Demand. This 8-part series features television’s largest cast of transgender actors in series regular roles, and the largest LGBTQ cast ever for a scripted series Pose, the ground-breaking dance musical will stream on Foxtel and…Read more

20 Thoughts We Had Watching Wentworth – Season 6 Episode 7: The Edge

1. We bet Sonia has practiced saying “I am not a killer” in the mirror for weeks. She’s got those innocent puppy eyes down pat. 2. Detective Vera is on the case! 3. Can you imagine Sonia and Marie working together? That would be a lethal combo. 4. No surprises to hear that Liz has…Read more

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Spinoff ‘Mayans M.C.’ Begins September

Mayans M.C., the highly-anticipated next chapter in Kurt Sutter’s award-winning Sons of Anarchy saga, will stream on Foxtel and screen on showcase, the home of FX Originals, from Wednesday, September 5 express from the US at 7:30pm AEST. Set in a post-Jax Teller world, Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes (JD Pardo) is fresh out of prison and a prospect…Read more

20 Thoughts *YOU* Had Watching Wentworth – Season 6 Episode 6: Angel of Wentworth

We’re shaking things up this week, and sharing our 20 fave tweets about Wentworth episode 6 that we totally agree with! 1. I really enjoy watching #Rita @LeahPurcell15 your performances is just always on point.. Rita is such a smart woman.. but I fear that her and #Ruby ‘s secret will be revealed… Ruby is Rita’s weakness….Read more

Attend an ‘A Place to Call Home’ preview screening near you!

You’re invited to our farewell party and screening of A Place to Call Home (Season 6 Episode 1) at The State Theatre Sydney as we say goodbye to Australia’s favourite drama series. There will be cast signings, cast appearances and best dressed will WIN A CRUISE! Make sure you come frocked up in your best 1950s…Read more

Foxtel announces new Tim Minchin drama

Foxtel, Sky UK, Screen Australia and Lingo Pictures have announced production of a landmark new series Upright, starring musician, comedian, actor and writer Tim Minchin. A sharp-tongued and touching drama, Upright is the story of two misfits, thrown together by chance in the middle of the Australian desert, who forge the unlikeliest of bonds in their quest…Read more

20 Thoughts We Had Watching Wentworth – Season 6 Episode 5: Bitter Pill

1. Chin up Vera, you’ve got “good mum” written all over you. 2. Inviting the press into your shitshow of a prison, what could possibly go wrong? 3. New drinking game: drink every time Sonia says “my workshop”. 4. Marie’s already sinking her teeth into some pretty young meat – guess she’s got a type….Read more

showcase Sweeps the Board with over 100 Emmy Award Nominations

showcase’s outstanding drama offering has cleaned up in the 2018 Emmy Award nominations, announced earlier today, securing a whopping 102 nominations. Fan-favourite Game of Thrones led the nominations this year (after being ineligible in 2017) with 22 nominations, followed closely by Westworld with 21, and The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story securing an incredible 18 nods. Here’s the full list: Game of…Read more

20 Thoughts We Had Watching Wentworth – Season 6 Episode 4: Winter is Here

1. Brrrrrrrr it’s getting cold in here, Marie Winter’s in the atmosphere! 2. OK, this chick clearly has some serious anger issues. 3. But at least she knows how to eat humble pie… or is good at pretending? 4. Cat got your tongue Juice… she wishes! #ThePussyWhisperer 5. Liz keeps forgetting shit lately aye? 6….Read more

Wentworth Season 6: Inside The Episodes

Inside Episode 10:   Inside Episode 9:   Inside Episode 8:   Inside Episode 7:   Inside Episode 6:   Inside Episode 5:   Inside Episode 4:   Inside Episode 3:   Inside Episode 2:   Inside Episode 1:

Wentworth Season 6 Clips

Episode 12: Vera’s pregnancy revealed to Jake   Episode 12: Liz and Boomer reminisce   Episode 12: Rita vs Drago   Episode 12: The blackmailer is revealed   Episode 11: Vera’s blackmailer   Episode 11: Kaz and Marie’s showdown   Episode 10: Guards discuss the ransom   Episode 10: Liz’s tough decision   Episode 9:…Read more

Wentworth Season 6 Episode Previews

Season 6 Episode 12 preview:   Season 6 Episode 11 preview:   Season 6 Episode 10 preview:   Season 6 Episode 9 preview:   Season 6 Episode 8 preview:   Season 6 Episode 7 preview:   Season 6 Episode 6 preview:   Season 6 Episode 5 preview:   Season 6 Episode 4 preview:   Season 6 Episode 3 preview:   Season 6 Episode 2 preview:  

20 Thoughts We Had Watching Wentworth – Season 6 Episode 3: Bleed Out

1. Holy shit, Frankie! You need a freaking blood transfusion, not a cuddle with Gidge. 2. Bridget in teal… let’s just all think about that for a moment… 3. Will is cooked – guess he wasn’t popping Panadol. 4. No one’s gonna believe you, Liz, and you know it. 5. Can someone please explain exactly…Read more

Showcase in July

These are the biggest shows coming to your screen in July including the highly anticipated HBO drama series Sharp Objects, Snowfall, American Horror Story: Cult and Orange Is The New Black Season 6! SHARP OBJECTS SEASON 1 Based on the book of the same name by The New York Times bestselling author Gillian Flynn (Gone…Read more

9 Reasons You Need to Watch Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects premieres July 9, express from the US and exclusively on Foxtel’s showcase. Here’s why you definitely should not miss this brilliant series. 1. Amy Adams is captivating In her first starring TV role, Amy Adams brings an emotional depth that few of her peers can match. Her portrayal of emotionally scarred and alcohol dependent…Read more

20 Thoughts We Had Watching Wentworth – Season 6 Episode 2: The Boxer

1. Ahhh, family bonding sesh at the local boxing gym… at least they aren’t punching each other’s tits in! 2. The baby hormones have properly kicked in – Vera is taking NO-ONE’s bullshit. 3. WTF? Isn’t Kaz supposed to be ANTI-violence against women? 4. Allie’s suss on Rita and Ruby, so surely others can see…Read more

Orange Is the New Black Season 6: Binge all episodes on showcase

Foxtel has announced that it will screen a new Season 6 marathon of hit US series Orange Is the New Black on showcase – the same day as the US. Starting from 5:01pm on Friday July 27, Foxtel subscribers can lock it down and do a little more time with the ladies of Litchfield. Every episode…Read more

‘American Horror Story: Cult’ set to scare from July 26 on showcase

The highly anticipated seventh instalment Cult from the anthology horror drama series American Horror Story, will stream on Foxtel and screen on showcase, the home of FX Originals, from Thursday July 26 at 8.30pm AEST. An engaging psychological thriller and true breeding ground for nightmares, American Horror Story: Cult stars Sarah Paulson, Billie Lourde, Evan Peters…Read more

20 Thoughts We Had Watching Wentworth – Season 6 Episode 1: Clean Slate

1. A recap, how cute. Like we haven’t binged the entire series five times over since last year’s finale… 2. Rita Connors in that leather bikie jacket has Top Dog written all over her. 3. Onya Vera! If anyone is overdue to have a bit of a win, it’s her. 4. Ruby Mitchell looks like…Read more

Wentworth Cast Q&As

The cast of Wentworth face the tough questions ahead of Season 6… with some surprising answers. What’s the first thing you’d do if released from prison?   What’s your favourite family moment from Season 5?    What was the most challenging Season 5 scene to watch?