Picnic At Hanging Rock: Interesting Facts

1. Production designer Jo Ford sourced antiques for the different sets from across Australia from private collections, antique societies and even a few garage sales. Jo and her team worked closely with the National Trust in Victoria when filming in some of Melbourne’s most historic landmarks.

2. The Appleyard college was filmed in six locations across Melbourne – Werribee Mansion, Como House (South Yarra), Labassa House (Caulfield) and Loretto Hall (Toorak), Wattle Park Chapel (Wattle Park) and Rippon Lea Estate (Elsternwick).

3. When filming at Hanging Rock in Woodend, Victoria the national park was still open to the public and a museum about the famous novel is located in the park as well. It was a curious sight for visitors to witness the cast, costumed in the white dresses wandering through the rock crevices and bushland.

4. Two crews filmed at Hanging Rock for five days with between 100-120 crew members at the site each day.

5. When filming in Victorian regional areas including Woodend, Macedon and Clunes, available accommodation was at 100 per cent occupancy.

6. Local residents were featured as extras in a major street scene filmed over two days in the regional town of Clunes. Several tonnes of dirt covered the main street to create a 1900’s street complete with horse and carriages.

7. Costume designer Edie Kurzer and her team custom made the majority of costumes, while original items purchased were generally remade to fit the actor and embellished to suit the era.

8. All the corsetry worn by the female cast was custom made to ensure the body shape they created complemented the character and over garments which included corset covers, petticoats and chemises, and eventually the dress.

9. Obtaining footwear for the enormous cast was particularly challenging – many pairs were hired from costume suppliers across Australia as well as a specialty company in Los Angeles. Shoes were purchased from retailers and altered and aged to suit the era.