Exclusive Interviews: Wentworth Cast Talks Season 6

The cast of Wentworth reveal where their characters are headed in the new season. Each week, more exclusive interviews will be posted here, providing you with an exclusive hint at what’s in store.

Kate Jenkinson on Allie and the steam press:


Sigrid Thornton on Sonia leaving Wentworth:


Rarriwuy Hick on joining Wentworth:


Kate Jenkinson on Allie in Season 6:


Sigrid Thornton on Sonia in Season 6:


Robbie Magasiva on Will Jackson in Season 6:


Tammy MacIntosh on Kaz in Season 6:


Kate Atkinson on Vera in Season 6:


Bernard Curry on Jake in Season 6:


Katrina Milosevic on Boomer in Season 6:


Sally-Anne Upton on Juice, and Jacquie Brennan on Linda in Season 6:


Celia Ireland on Liz in Season 6: