Olivia Bligh

Olivia Bligh

Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood
as Olivia Bligh

Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood made her major television debut in the premiere season of A Place To Call Home.

After graduating from NIDA in 2008, Arianwen played Abigail in Sydney Theatre Company’s production of The Crucible, alongside co-star Marta Dusseldorp. She went on to appear in Underbelly: Razor, Foxtel’s Tough Nuts, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and The Kangaroo Gang.

She is also a busy voice-over artist, featuring in many national radio and television campaigns, as well as voicing audiobooks.

Arianwen is married to writer/director Marcello Fabrizi, and together they run the production company Marshmallow Films.

Formed in 2010, their company has released a number of short films including The Filmmaker, which was a huge hit on the international festival circuit winning Best Short Film at the 2011 New Jersey Film Festival.

Following its success, she received the Marten Bequest Traveling Scholarship for acting and filmmaking, established by the late John Chisholm Marten to support talented Australian artists achieve their dreams, and travelled to the US to attend film festivals, and study stop-motion animation and film production.

In between seasons of A Place To Call Home, Arianwen has produced Marshmallow Films’ latest short: a quirky and endearing stop-motion animation titled A Grape Family Adventure, which premiered at St Kilda Film Festival alongside Oscar winning Australian animator Adam Elliot’s Ernie Biscuit.

She has also appeared as Harriet Edwards in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, and commenced production on Marshmallow Films’ next project, an animated web series called Prawn the Prawn, about a small green prawn from the sea and his best friend, a purple slug who happens to be the greatest actor of all time.

Her recent audiobooks include “The Barbershop Girl” by Georgina Penney and “Bridget Crack” by Rachel Leary.

Arianwen is a passionate advocate for animal rights, and is active with PETA and Animals Australia.


Olivia Bligh

Last season, Olivia found love in the most unexpected of places with the most unexpected men, as Elizabeth remarked: “Isn’t it astonishing how such sorrow can be turned to joy”.  Now happily engaged to Douglas Goddard’s son, Matthew, Olivia is content in the belief that she is at last free of the troubles of Ash Park, but will her old life cloud the bright new future she longs to create with Matthew and her beloved Georgie?

As the English rose whose heart has weathered endless trials, Arianwen says: “I think Olivia taught me that love saves the day. She’s got a lot of love this girl and I’ve really enjoyed living with that, and being that, and expressing that. And that it’s okay to be a bit nervous. She’s a bit nervous and I’m a bit nervous but you kind of muddle on through and it’s okay to be awkward. She’s ‘British-ly’ awkward and I’ve enjoyed that and it’s a good lesson that you don’t have to be smooth.”