Regina Bligh

Regina Bligh

Jenni Baird 
as Regina Bligh

Jenni Baird recreates A Place To Call Home’s Regina Bligh for season five in the role that garnered her a TV WEEK nomination for Most Outstanding Supporting Actress in 2016.

Jenni is a Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) graduate and started her career in Sydney in 2001. Her first job took her to the US where she filmed a pilot for Touchstone Television, Metropolis, after which she returned to Australia and landed the three-year role of Paula Morgan on the much-loved drama All Saints.

Returning to the US in 2004, Jenni filmed pilots (Global Frequency, Conviction) and guest-starred in various television dramas before joining the cast of Emmy- nominated The 4400 for its final season in the role of Meghan Doyle.

Her first feature film Alien Trespass afforded her the opportunity to star opposite comedy great Eric McCormack.

The birth of Jenni’s second child brought her back to Sydney in 2012 and later that year, alongside starring in A Place To Call Home’s premiere season, she appeared in Circle Mirror Transformation for the Ensemble Theatre.

Jenni’s latest feature film, the Adrien Brody psychological thriller Backtrack, had its world premiere at last year’s TriBeCa film festival and was released internationally in 2016.

Jenni is married to film writer and director Michael Petroni. They live in Sydney with their two young children Rose and Charlie.


Regina Bligh

In Series Four, Regina copes with the disastrous result of her attempted poisoning: Sarah Nordmann is not in the coffin, the woman still lives. Regina stifles her guilt over the young woman’s death by orchestrating power plays, never losing sight of her primary goal: to win George’s love by getting him elected to parliament, playing her role as an MP’s wife and ridding Inverness of Sarah.

Regina outfoxes Sarah by convincing Sgt Taylor that Sarah killed the school teacher, and when he struggles to make a case against Sarah, she raises the stakes firstly by seducing him, and later contacting Milly’s fiancé, a Flying Officer in Malaya, in the hope that he will assassinate Sarah.

Regina grows in confidence and weaves another tendril around George when she invites the PM to Ash Park, but under the influence of morphine and alcohol she lashes out at George and threatens him; he retaliates by calling her bluff and banishing her to the Groundsmans Cottage, much to her humiliation.

Her growing addiction to morphine is kept in check, made easier by her blackmailing of Henry Fox to ensure supply. When the fiancé saw that Sarah is a pregnant woman he bailed out of the assassination plot, but is brought back to Inverness with a telegram from Regina once the baby is born. Regina believes she has firmly established herself as mistress of Ash Park when she fights off a strong attack against her by Elizabeth and Anna, but is completely unaware that George now knows everything. Regina’s behaviour spirals out of control as she seduces and kills Sgt Taylor, but she isn’t going to stop there.

Regina has spent the last three and a half years in an asylum for the criminally insane.