American Horror Story:1984 News

WTF did we just watch? Ryan Murphy unleashes the end of days in crazy new AHS teaser

The Apocalypse has arrived – on American Horror Story, and it’s all kinds of crazy in the most signature American Horror Story way possible!   This is the latest fast-paced teaser for Season 8 of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, which takes its title literally as chaos ensues in Los Angeles and those who survive are forced underground. “No need for the rules anymore:…Read more

AHS: Apocalypse reveals Sarah Paulson’s mystery character

Glimpses of American Horror Story: Apocalypse continue to send chills across social media, with the show’s official Twitter account unveiling what appears to be Sarah Paulson’s new character, Venable. Paulson will be playing three characters in the latest instalment of the fright-fest, having previously revealed she’ll be bringing back American Horror Story: Coven headmistress Cordelia Goode, and American Horror…Read more