Season 5 | Mondays at 9:30pm from August 26

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Spencer Strasmore and an endearing assortment of colleagues, rivals and pro-football clients return for a brand-new season of HBO’s hit comedy from Steve Levinson (Entourage) that digs deeper into the extravagant, high-stakes, big- money world of football in Miami, FL and beyond.

This season, after baring his soul at the NFL rookie symposium and checking into rehab for a pain-killer habit, Spencer, along with longtime colleague Joe Krutel, returns to ASM with a new outlook and fresh goals, hoping to forge bonds with new players across the country while improving his relationships with existing clients.

Meanwhile, Ricky Jerret weighs money versus glory in choosing his next team; Vernon Littelfield adjusts to younger competition after accepting a contract from Dallas; ex-Dolphin Charles Greane learns that coaching is at least as all-consuming as playing; and Jason Antolotti continues to orchestrate deals to satisfy both players’ bank account and their oversized egos.

This season, in an ever-changing business where the shelf life for stardom and multi-million-dollar contracts are oh-so-short, Spencer is intent on proving that the key to successful sports management isn’t just about making money and having fun – it’s about delivering on the promises you make.

Season 5
Date & time
2: Must Be The Shoes
2: Must Be The Shoes
Mon 2 September·7:30pm
Mon 2 September·10:20pm
Tue 3 September·9:00pm
Wed 4 September·3:40pm
Wed 4 September·8:00pm
Fri 6 September·2:30pm
Fri 6 September·7:30pm
1: Protocol Is For Losers
1: Protocol Is For Losers
Mon 26 August·7:30pm
Mon 26 August·10:25pm
Tue 27 August·9:05pm
Wed 28 August·3:30pm
Wed 28 August·8:00pm
Fri 30 August·2:25pm
Fri 30 August·7:30pm
Sat 31 August·1:25pm
Sat 31 August·5:10pm