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43AD. At the far edges of the Roman Empire lies a land of powerful Druids and warrior queens.  A country Julius Caesar had tried and failed to conquer a hundred years ago.  A place which to the Romans has almost mythic status – Britannia.

The Romans’ arrival will forever change the lives of the occupied Celts and Druids, shocking them into a new era of their history and laying the foundations for the Britain that we know today.

The Celts of Britannia are a divided and warring group of tribes. The Cantii are at the heart of the show, led when we meet them by King Pellenor. Pellenor has to manage his independent daughter Kerra as well as the threat from arch enemies the Regni. Kerra will ultimately find herself thrust into the most challenging role of her life and will spearhead resistance against the invaders.

The Romans are led by General Aulus Plautius, tasked by the Emperor Claudius to conquer the land of Britannia. While Aulus is a strong and respected leader, he has his own demons to confront.  He must overcome the determined and dangerous Celts as well as holding together an army that doesn’t want to be there.

The Romans feared the Druids most of all –  they were widely believed to have the power of magic and a way to travel to the Underworld. Rogue Druid Divis, rejected by his own kind, is the only one who has foreseen the invasion and is on a quest to defeat Rome. He finds an unlikely companion in twelve year old Cantii girl Cait, also on the run from the invaders. Cait will discover that her connection to Divis and the Druids is a lot more profound than she could ever have imagined.