Fighting Season

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The six-part event drama is a compelling mystery regarding a possible cover-up where the lines between killer and family man, between hero and victim, between truth and imagination, are constantly shifting.


You don’t stop fighting just because you’re home.

Australia, 2010. Three soldiers arrive home to a near-empty airport with only their families to greet them. The mood of their unexpected return from Afghanistan is sombre, more “guilty secret” than welcome return. Why? Their veteran leader Captain Ted Nordenfelt had been killed two days before on a controversial mission. A mission marred by bitter mistakes and the result of a secret they’ll do anything to keep.

Fighting Season is the story of these soldiers, their families and the unfolding mystery around Ted’s death. It’s about an army culture of stoic self-sacrifice that can corrode even the strongest marriage. About the politics of war and the bonds of mateship forged in a war-zone, of experiences so intense that those “back home” in the undisciplined world can’t understand. These men hold fragments of the truth that surrounds Ted’s death. But are they hiding something? Is it simply the horrific nature of Ted’s death or is it something more – even murder?

Our soldiers include the charismatic Sgt Speedo Collins, father of two, who will struggle adjusting back into family life while coping with the unacknowledged symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and his part in Ted’s death. Larrikin Corporal Pepsi Aboud, who replaces the thrills of combat and grief over his father’s mental deterioration with stealing cars and stripping. Private Jarrod Vogel, whose wealthy and educated parents think his army career is a “rebellious” phase. Private Izzy Uleli, from a large and loving Pacific Islander family, returning wounded and plagued by visions and nightmares of having committed a war crime, suddenly finds himself unable to be around his pregnant wife and the promise of new life she offers.

Ted’s widow Captain Kim Nordenfelt, a soldier herself, will grapple not only with her loss but also with her disillusionment with the Defence Force as she comes to question the details of Ted’s death. Finally, there’s Vanessa Collins, Speedo’s wife, a woman on the edge. Her attitude to him returning home over the years has shifted from expectation to dread. With every tour he’s become more silent, aggressive and determined not to seek help as it could end his career. Vanessa decides that this is the last time. She’ll leave. But then Ted’s death throws her plan out and she feels she must stay. But how can she, when on this rotation home, for some reason, he seems more dangerous than ever?

Fighting Season, from production company Goalpost Pictures (Cleverman, The Sapphires) and writer Blake Ayshford (Barracuda, Devil’s Playground) is the story about the invisible men and women who fight for our country, what they bring home and what of themselves they leave behind, and the secrets that must remain hidden.

Jay Ryan (Beauty and the Beast, Top of the Lake), Ewen Leslie (Top of the Lake, The Daughter), and Kate Mulvany (Secret City, The Great Gatsby), headline a cast that also includes new and diverse talent including George Pullar (A Place to call Home S5), Marco Alosio, Julian Maroun, Paul De Gelder, Sarah Armanious and Sabryna Walters. Lucy Bell, Lex Marinos, David Roberts, Camilla Ah Kin, Ching Po and Jay Laga’aia play supporting roles.


Season 1
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1: Shooter / Hugger
1: Shooter / Hugger
Sun 12 April·6:30pm