Halt and Catch Fire

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Halt and Catch Fire is an intriguing, adrenaline-filled depiction of the American dream in the 80’s and the dynamic people that made this era an unforgettable decade of rebellion and reinvention.

It’s the story of three underdogs – a manipulative mastermind, an embittered would-be visionary and a volatile prodigy who overcome insurmountable odds and overthrow the corporate empires that ruled during the personal computer boom, a drama that thrives on the spirit of innovation, as embodied by complex individuals like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

The characters are tumultuous, unpredictable, ingenious people who live in constant fear of being judged as frauds. With everything on the line, each of their second chances becomes their last. They just happen to be standing at the forefront of something truly great and world-changing with the potential to send ripples across the globe.