Mr Inbetween

Season 2 Premieres September 13 2pm AEST or Stream OnDemand

Special primetime encore Sundays

Juggling a new relationship, parental responsibilities, friendship and a sick brother while earning a living would be difficult for anyone but it’s particularly difficult when you’re a hitman.

Ray Shoesmith ‘takes care of people’ — collecting debts, relieving them of drugs and guns, and often taking care of them on a permanent basis. Ray demands respect and does not tolerate anyone who doesn’t live up to his very strong and very clear code of ethics.

The few he trusts — daughter Brittany, brother Bruce and best friend Gary — he’ll do anything for, so when Gary is set up by his own brother-in-law, Ray rips the lid off a Pandora’s box of inter-gang conflict and personal retributions. As a series of very unfortunate, very bloody and darkly funny events play out, the bodies pile up, and Ray must avoid being one of them.

Season 2
Date & time
3: I Came From Your Balls?
3: I Came From Your Balls?
Fri 27 September·2:00pm
Fri 27 September·8:00pm
Sat 28 September·12:00pm
Sat 28 September·6:30pm
Sun 29 September·8:30pm
Mon 30 September·8:00pm
Tue 1 October·12:30am
2: Don't Be A D**Khead
2: Don't Be A D**Khead
Fri 20 September·2:00pm
Fri 20 September·8:00pm
Sat 21 September·11:55am
Sat 21 September·7:00pm
Sun 22 September·8:30pm
Mon 23 September·8:00pm
Mon 23 September·10:50pm
Wed 25 September·3:10pm
1: Shoulda Tapped
1: Shoulda Tapped
Wed 18 September·2:25pm