Ally (Brooke Satchwell)

Ally (Brooke Satchwell)

One good thing in Ray’s life is Ally, who he feels may be out of his league, but Ally is drawn to Ray, even if she doesn’t know the precise nature of his job. Ally is a paramedic. She heals, he hurts, but there’s a primal, chemical attraction, and they begin a relationship, which seems to be one in which they are evenly matched. Ally, given her job, is a practical, pragmatic woman, and there’s something in Ray’s directness and dry demeanor that she appreciates. What she is increasingly alarmed by are his brief flashes of anger. “There’s nothing superfluous about Ray, and I think that’s what Ally likes,” says actress Brooke Satchwell, who portrays her. “It’s still a fledgling relationship. Perhaps Ally has made some questionable relationship choices in the past, but I think it’s in those beginning stages of relationships when you meet someone and there are things you like about them that you focus on those aspects, potentially missing signs of issues that might come up down the track.”

Played by Brooke Satchwell

Brooke Satchwell has been working as an actress since 1994. Her first role was on Neighbours, for which she won a Logie Award for “Most Popular New Talent” and a People’s Choice Award for “Most Popular Teen Idol.”

Television credits include Fox 8’s Dangerous opposite Joel Edgerton, three seasons of Dirty Laundry for ABC1 as co-panelist to Lawrence Mooney, ABC’s Jack Irish alongside Guy Pearce and Black Comedy for the ABC.

In 2014, Satchwell narrated Crack-Up, a heartwarming documentary following a group of Australians participating in a comedy course aimed at people with mental illness and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. She has worked as a camera operator on documentaries, produced short films and continues to develop her own projects. In 2015, Satchwell was asked to join a select group of high-profile Australians on ITV & Network Ten’s First Anzacs reading the letters and diaries of men and women from The First World War.

The first half of 2017 saw Satchwell touring nationally in the UK’s Lunchbox production of comedy The Play That Goes Wrong in the lead role. Following this, she returned to television playing “Ally” in Mr Inbetween directed by Nash Edgerton for Jungle, and in Dead Lucky directed by David Caesar for SBS. Satchwell also appears in Ride Like a Girl, with Rachel Griffiths directing. Satchwell is also a ceaseless campaigner for causes she is passionate about and has been an ambassador for the RSPCA, World Vision and the Make A Wish Foundation. She continues to be an ongoing campaigner for Make Poverty History and The Bottled Water Alliance, and is a donor and advocate of the Sunrise Orphanage Siem Riep.


Mr Inbetween

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6: Let Me Stop You There
6: Let Me Stop You There
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5: Can't Save You
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