Sara Waybourne

Sara Waybourne

Sara Waybourne played by Inez Curro

The youngest student at Appleyard College. An orphan, she was separated from her older brother Albert (Bertie) at an early age when she was adopted by her wealthy guardian, Jasper Cosgrove. Young, wilful and utterly devoted to her room-mate Miranda – a framed photograph of whom she carries with her at all times – Sara has survived much in her short life and as such has the resources to withstand the blatant discrimination of Mrs Appleyard. The less Sara reacts to the punishments she doles out, the more it seems to enrage her headmistress. Why is this? What does she see in Sara that makes her carefully crafted façade slip?

Meet Sara Waybourne

More about Inez Curro

Inez Curro is an aspiring young actor with a burgeoning list of credits for television, film and stage productions.

Along with her breakout performance in Picnic at Hanging Rock as Sara Weybourne, the talented 14-year-old starred in Deadly Woman series 5, 7, 8 and 9, and appeared in short films Little Heart and Fly v Spy.

 Her theatre roles include Ghost Story, Twinkle (Sydney Children’s Festival 2014), Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo & Juliet and Lady MacBeth.