Lulu Abundance

Lulu Abundance

A quiet observer, Lulu Abundance is Elektra’s second-in-command. Despite her even-tempered demeanor, she yearns to break out of Elektra’s shadow and start her own house.


A native of Los Angeles, Hailie Sahar started her career at an early age as a SparKid dancer for the WNBA Sparks. Sahar’s film debut was in the 2011 musical Leave It on the Floor. Soon after, she co-starred alongside Jeffrey Tambor as “Adriana” in the third season of Amazon’s Transparent. She was seen in USA’s Mr. Robot, and starred in the Off-Broadway production of Charm, opening New York City’s MMC Theater 2017 Fall Season.

Sahar performed a live duet with Miss America, Betty Cantrell, at the 2016 TransNation Film Festival. Her first music video for her song “California Dreams” was released in January 2017.

Sahar has overcome many challenges presented to her as a transgender woman and has been featured as one of Hollywood’s New Rising Talents in OUT Magazine. She was crowned “Miss L.A. Pride” and “Queen U.S.A.” Sahar was honored with an invitation to speak on the HIV/AIDS epidemic at The Ronald Reagan International Trade Center for the 57th Presidential Advisory Council, and continues to contribute to the East Los Angeles Women’s Center against domestic violence.