The Righteous Gemstones

The new comedy centers around a world-famous televangelist family with a long tradition of deviance, greed and charitable work — all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Danny McBride will star as main character Jesse Gemstone, who sees himself as a maverick in the ministry game, taking what his father, Eli Gemstone (John Goodman), has built and expanded it for a more modern audience. In addition to playing Jesse, McBride will also serve as a writer, director and executive producer on the series.

Stream weekly from Tuesday August 20 8:30pm AEST

Season 1
Date & time
6: Episode 6
6: Episode 6
Tue 24 September·8:30pm
Tue 24 September·11:40pm
Wed 25 September·7:30pm
Thu 26 September·1:30pm
Thu 26 September·11:15pm
Fri 27 September·3:05pm
Sat 28 September·1:15am
Sat 28 September·1:00pm
Sat 28 September·6:00pm
Sun 29 September·11:50pm
5: Interlude
5: Interlude
Tue 17 September·8:30pm
Tue 17 September·11:40pm
Wed 18 September·7:10pm
Thu 19 September·1:35pm
Thu 19 September·11:15pm
Fri 20 September·3:55pm
Sat 21 September·12:35am
Sat 21 September·12:55pm
Sat 21 September·6:15pm
Sun 22 September·11:50pm