The Walking Dead News

TWD Continues For a 10th Season!

AMC announced the renewal for Season 10 overnight, a week before the Season 9 midseason premiere. As well as this creepy as Twitter announcement, last year AMC executives confirmed that the show could continue for another decade! Following traditional timing, odds suggest the first glimpse of the new season will be likely seen at San Diego Comic-con in July. Season 9B, which premieres Express from…Read more

5 moments from Do Not Send Us Astray

1.  When Maggie’s epic battle plan strategy comes to fruition Damn this girl has played some serious call of duty. The details…the planning, with the timing and the finesse. Her defence of the Hilltop from the Saviors was a strategic work of art. Maggie needed everything to fall exactly into place and it did. And come…Read more

5 moments from The Key

1.  When Daryl finally TALKS… to Rick about losing Carl . Daryl is the perfect listener for Rick. This guy uses his ears way more than his mouth, but somehow we always know exactly what he is thinking. So when Daryl speaks, everyone listens and most of the time, it’s exactly what needs to be said….Read more

5 Moments from “Dead or Alive Or”

1.When dead radio guy saves Gabriel’s life.. or did he?! Poor ole preacher. What’s the lesson here peeps? Do we even try to save ourselves? Gabriel used to be the biggest scary cat. Then, even with an infection (or because of the infection) he wanders off into a forest, with a devil may care attitude,…Read more

5 moments from The Lost and The Plunderers

1. When Maggie sends a pretty clear ‘STAND DOWN’ message to Negan… Damn that girl has some SERIOUS balls… Messaged received loud and clear, it’s a shame she could not see their reactions though right? As expected Simon explodes with anger and immediately wants to go postal and old Negan is livid AF, which can be…Read more