Marie Winter

Marie Winter

Played by Susie Porter

Inmate number: 131923
Charge: Assault – Reckless infliction of grievous bodily harm
Sentence: Trial/sentence pending
Served: Just entered Wentworth

Marie Winter is a seducer. She is also a powerful and feared criminal matriarch, the lynch pin behind a diverse sex trafficking and prostitution industry. But despite controlling a criminal empire, she has never been to jail, always managing to cleverly remain at arm’s length from the law.

This has been achieved in part by the powerful and influential friends she has managed to garner over the years, whose dirty secrets she keeps as leverage should she ever need to use it.

While Marie can be incredibly cold, calculating and ruthless in matters of business, she’s also charismatic and warm when it suits her. She uses her ability to enrapture both for personal and professional gain. She is complex and contradictory, and that very unpredictability can be dangerous. Fit and physically capable, Marie rarely gets her hands dirty but when she does, she can hold her own in a fight.