Wentworth News

Wentworth Set to Return for Another 20 Episodes!

Foxtel today announced AACTA and TV Week Logie award winning drama Wentworth  has been commissioned for a further 20 episodes. The history-making announcement will see Australia’s longest running one hour drama series remain on air until 2021. A seventh season is currently in post-production and will screen in 2019. Season eight is supported by Film Victoria…Read more

Nominees announced for the 2018 AACTA Awards

Foxtel congratulates its AACTA nominees after securing a total of 21 nominations across Drama, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Factual in the highly competitive Television Award categories for the 2018 AACTA Awards presented by Foxtel. Foxtel’s award-winning drama series from FOX SHOWCASE, Foxtel’s premium On Demand drama destination, performed well with Mr Inbetween, Wentworth, Picnic At Hanging Rock and…Read more

20 Thoughts We Had Watching Wentworth – Season 6 Episode 11: Indelible Ink

1. Marie’s alive and we can’t figure out if we’re relieved or disappointed. 2. Ruby’s in DEEP shit if she gets ID’ed from that CCTV footage. 3. Channing is basically at Pretty Little Liars-level of crazy with his Ferguson-obsession den. 4. This bloke is COOKED! 5. Fuck… there goes another perfectly good suspect down the…Read more

20 Thoughts We Had Watching Wentworth – Season 6 Episode 10: Fractured

1. Most. Awkward. Lift. Ride. Ever. 2. Marie better not touch a single hair on Liz’s head! 3. Try harder, Marie. Liz might be confused, but even she knows that Boomer isn’t behind bashing Cherry. 4. Or was she?… 5. Looks like there won’t be a Cheezel-themed prison wedding for Rita and her fake bikie…Read more

Wentworth: The best fan theories about the body in the grave

In one of the FREAK-iest Wentworth episode endings ever, last night Will, Jake, and Vera returned to the scene of the crime to see if The Freak really was dead and buried. Was it actually Joan Ferguson in the grave? Some of your theories about this body are so wild, we reckon you’ve been getting…Read more